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I added an AWS Storage Gateway to my on-premises datacenter to add unlimited storage to my on prem datacenter components. S3 buckets are now available to my network devices.

I've updated my on-prem datacenter with 5 static IPs, launched a Nextcloud Server, a Gitea server and added Metrics to my ProxMox VE setup using Influx and Grafana. My Git is now being populated but available at I'm also looking into EKS Anywhere to control on-prem K8 clusters using AWS EKS. Right now it's only available for vSphere.

Screenshot 2022 05 14 112757

Right now I don't have a VLAN on ProxMox which I currently plan to set up when my L3 switch arrives in the mail. Then I can isolate my VMs and VPN. Some VMs need to site on the WAN, some go to static IPs from comcast, some need to go to a VLAN. Normally I use AlgoVPN-  which is very simple wireguard VPN to set up but this time I might try which was suggested by a friend. It is free. I haven't decided. Whichever works best.

Nextcloud is a great piece of software for file sharing and connects to S3 buckets. It has an App for your phone for mobile access. I use it to share work with my clients now.

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