Terravision- turn your IaC into Architecture Diagrams


TerraVision is a CLI tool that converts Terraform code into Professional Cloud Architecture Diagrams and solves the problem of keeping the most important document in cloud projects, the architecture document, up to date. With high velocity releases the norm now, machine generated architecture diagrams are more accurate than relying on the freestyle diagram drawn by the cloud architect that doesn't match reality anymore. Terravision securely runs 100% Client Side without any dependency on Terraform or access to your Cloud environment, to dynamically parse your conditionally created resources and variables and generate an automatic visual of your architecture. Terravision is designed to be a 'Docs as Code' (DaC) tool that can be included in your CI/CD pipeline to update architecture diagrams after your build/test/release pipeline phases and supplement other document generators like readthedocs.io alongside it. It currently Supports AWS and soon Google and Azure cloud.