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AWS Solutions Architect and IT Consultant is one of my Foundry servers running on K3s, launched in Proxmox VE using Terraform and Ansible in my Gitlab using the multinic cloud init image. I used the Helm chart with my docker image of Foundry.

I was able to do a good test of the K3 ansible script with my Multi Nic Terraform for Prox Mox that gave me an external static IP address. It is a 2 node K3 cluster,

Cloud images inherently come with one NIC. Once you create you cloud init image below create it in ProxMox as a machine, not a template and run it. This multi-nic image works for other providers as well. You will want to install netplugd to make this work.

sudo apt-get install netplug


sudo mv netplug /etc/netplug/netplug

sudo chmod +/etc/netplug/netplug

Spin up the machine and add an extra network port in Proxmox and test it if you want. Otherwise you can turn it into a template.

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